Residential Buying

For every residential property need, we aid in getting the best deals for our clients. With expertise in evaluating the property for purchase and to give optimum value to the owners, we shortlist properties that are best-suited to the needs and requirements of our clients.


Whether it is a studio apartment or a penthouse, we provide assistance in sale and ensure that you receive the best possible price. Our goal is to achieve maximum property value and safeguard clients against uncertainty until the deal is executed.


From sourcing, inspecting, negotiating to legal documentation and managing property during the lease period, our team provides comprehensive services and sources prime residences on lease for senior management and expatriate employees of organizational clients.


Our end-to-end sales process includes defining product concept, cash flow and sales strategy, site management, and handling transactions. We also undertake PR operations, newspaper advertising, digital campaigning, and relationship management. The purpose of this process is to nurture the leads and improve sales volume.


As a single point of contact to fulfil the leasing needs of our corporate clients, we take care of facilitating bulk residential and accommodation requirements of large corporates, prime neighbourhood leases for senior management and expatriate employees all while ensuring swift shortlisting, documentation and handover. We track costing aspects, availability and suitability to help our clients in making the best choices.