Commercial Services

Commercial Solutions

The Commercial and Retail Services of Quikr Realty offers in-depth advisory and tailor-made real estate solutions specifically for India’s Corporate, Institutions and MNC clientele. Right from finance to IT and retail to entertainment, we have served hundreds of clients from different sectors to attain their real estate objectives.
We offer first-hand information on real estate market conditions, developers, investors, payment modes, marketability and quality of projects, among several other factors.
Quikr Realty helps in structuring and delivering customized real estate solutions. Along with market research, managing negotiations, strategic pricing, and so on, we also provide commercial and retail solutions like:

  • Pre-Lease Public
  • Corporate Leasing Retail Leasing
  • Joint Venture
  • Providing Info Of Developers & Investor
  • Advisory Assistance In Documentation
  • Reviewing Track Records
Market Research

Often, complexities surround a real estate decision due to various uncertainties and incomplete information that accompany it. An effective way to ensure a successful outcome in such situations is through extensive market research. Our team can accordingly offer you the following services:

  • Planning Conducting Market Research
  • Forcasting Scenarios
  • Laying a Strong Foundation
  • REDUCING RISK & Widening Opportunities
Strategic Pricing

Every business, big or small, needs key strategic advantages, which can translate into value additions for its customers. Accordingly strategic pricing lies at the core of our value proposition and services. Here, our team can offer the following services:

  • Securing value for money options
  • Conducting exhaustive research & planning
  • Ensuring transparency throughout the pricing process
  • Creating win-win scenarios
Managing Negotiations

Knowledge and experience lie at the core of our negotiation strategy. Correct and timely use of information aids our clients in achieving desired results in their negotiations. Our Commercial Team also draws on its skill, know-how, preparation and experience to achieve the desired outcomes swiftly and effectively. Our team can support you in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and analysing activities and events
  • Leveraging a vast network
  • Providing competitive advantage
Corporate/ Retail Leasing Services

Our Commercial Team’s objective is always looking out to reduce your real estate related costs, and any related risk exposure while securing the best terms of lease. With close to 3 decades in real estate, we have a wealth of expertise in managing complex deals, facilitating negotiations and clearing challenges along the way for swift and satisfactory closures. As a part of our Corporate and Retail Leasing services we offer:

  • Location analysis & selection, and sourcing of properties
  • Site selection & feasibility
  • Lease negotiations / restructuring
  • Due-diligence and co-ordination
  • Structuring and execution of transactions
  • Dedicated account management services

Also, as a part of our Corporate Disposition Services we assist you in:

  • Marketing of the property
  • Selection of buyers
  • Securing the best price for the property
Tenant Sourcing

Finding an ideal tenant for their premises is a common concern of commercial property owners and is also a challenging process. This is where the Quikr Realty association can simplify the process and resolve your tenancy related concerns. The Commercial Team follows all processes and safeguards to select only the very reliable tenants for your commercial property. Here, the Team can provide the following services:

  • Provide the right exposure
  • Conduct background checks
  • Manage the transaction to meet your objectives
Legal Assistance

Land, property and business laws are complex and require precise interpretation for decision making. The Team has a vast experience in dealing with all legal aspects pertaining to Real Estate and can provide the following services:

  • Providing effective legal assistance
  • Reducing the risk involved
  • Providing legal guidance for informed decision-making
  • Following a customised case-specific approach
  • Ensuring transparency